This could be you... 

WHY I Created The Perfect Pull-up Program... 

Accomplishing a pull-up requires commitment and dedication!  And the desire to push yourself beyond your current limits. I designed The Perfect Pull-up for women because I think you deserve an engaging training program that's actually really challenging.  And fulfilling!

Why push yourself to do pull-ups? 

  • You get a clear understanding of how powerful your body actually is
  • Mastering a complex move like a pull-up creates confidence in your body and it's abilities
  • Pull-ups are amazing for sculpting and defining your back muscles

And achieving pull-ups also means you've committed to a goal, dedicated yourself to succeeding and then accomplished a CHALLENGE that's truly awe-inspiring. 


Pay what you can.  

I want as many women as possible to be able to do this program.  So choose your price and let's get started! 

  • Why A Women's Program

    To focus on building strength in key areas often overlooked in women's fitness programs - upper body strength

  • Focus on Strength To Lean Up

    This program helps you sculpt and define a beautiful back and upper body as it strengthens you for the Perfect Pull-up

  • Women Struggle With Chin-ups

    Women actually have an advantage - not only are we generally lighter but we also have shorter arms. As a physics equation, it's Mass (M) x Distance (D) of pull that dictates how hard it is. It's actually easier for women.

  • At-home or Gym

    Can be done with a set of adjustable dumbbells, and access to a chin-up bar at home or at the gym.